Successful Seed Round:
Ovation eSports announces Maurice Louis-Dreyfus and Kyril Louis-Dreyfus as private investors

(Zurich, Switzerland – March 28, 2021) The Ovation eSports AG announces that it has raised an undisclosed amount in
funding towards growth and expansion. With Maurice and Kyril Louis-Dreyfus they now have two powerhouses on board
who live the passion for eSports and understand the fast-growing ecosystem of the industry. The investment round is
driven by a significant increase in commercial value of eSports organizations around the world, combining strong
competitive presence with authentic content production in order to connect with the hardly reachable digital natives.

Patrick Gobonya (Co-Founder Ovation eSports): „After weighing up various options, we are more than happy to have
found the perfect fit for us. With Maurice and Kyril Louis-Dreyfus we were able to gain two young, committed
entrepreneurs for our project, who understand eSports and want to promote and sustainably shape the eSports
market on a national and international level. Their existing engagements and projects in professional sports result in
many synergies that we from now on explore and utilize together. “

Maurice Louis-Dreyfus: „Being part of a family with long-standing ties to professional sports, and myself having grown
up with video games, it was a natural extension for us to move into the Esports market. The principals of sustainability
and innovation at the heart of Ovation made them a perfect fit. We look forward to supporting them in developing their
vision of becoming a sustainable, vibrant and leading player. We believe that by leveraging Ovation’s know -how and
expertise combined with our experience in traditional sports, we have a very solid foundation to achieve our goals.”

About Ovation:
Ovation eSports, founded in Zurich in February 2020, is the first sustainable eSports organization: a young, dynamic
pioneer which combines professionalism and fun in one team. Ovation accompanies and develops athletes on their
journey to become leading eSports players. The company is committed to provide their athletes with support to protect
their mental and physical well-being and offers an environment to master a successful future following a career in
eSports. Ovation eSports AG is a Swiss team consisting of players from the DACH region and with partnerships all
over Europe.

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