Academic Tutoring
So our athletes have less pressure at home and can psychologically concentrate on tournaments and their in-game performances.
Mental Coaching
So our athletes learn how to cope with mental pressure in competitive situations.
Fitness Membership & Personal Training
So our athletes can prevent common injuries such as tendonitis, tennis elbow and back pain at an early stage.
Fitness- & Health Guidelines
So our athletes are in the perfect condition for a long lasting future. It is not only about strength but more about balance and reflexes.
Nutrition Monitoring
So our athletes are living healthy and develope a self defined health status.
Social Media & Design Support
So our athletes are building a brand for themselves and are set for the long run in a world of Social Media.
Gameplay Coaching
So our athletes improve their game intelligence which results in greater tournament success.
Financial Support
So our athletes get advised on how to save and invest their prize money to be fit for the future.

With these associated measures Ovation eSports places its focus on each athlete individually, sets itself apart from the competition and improves the image of eSports in society.