OVA DisisJohn

DisisJohn is the Operator player for OVATION. His playstyle is a mix of high risk and high reward. He has learned a lot of in 2022 and is now more dangerous with his Operator game than ever before

OVA Leosen

Leosen is the Duelist for OVATION. He has to create space for his team and is capable of switching his playstyle from hyper aggressive to defensive based on the situation

OVA Matrixx

Matrixx is the Smoker for OVATION. He has to support his teammates with all the utility he has, so that the team gain as much as possible out of a round. His strength is to adapt fast in every type of situation

OVA Eleo

Eleo, our IGL, is the strategic mastermind behind our team. With sharp tactical insights and quick adaptability, he guides our team to victory. Eleo's leadership always ensures the team stays one step ahead.

OVA aNguiSt

aNguiSt, the teams unyielding Sentinel, specializes in securing sites and fortifying defenses with unwavering dedication. His consistent performance leaves opponents in anguish.